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Ultimate Guide For Beginners To Wear Wigs

Buying a wig is a good deal to look classy and stylish, without the repetitive cost of styling your hair. It is said that if you do not have any good hairstyle in mind, wear a wig. This is something that will save you from last moment decisions.

24. Apr 2021
Ultimate Guide For Beginners To Wear Wigs

Buying a wig is a good deal to look classy and stylish, without the repetitive cost of styling your hair. It is said that if you do not have any good hairstyle in mind, wear a wig. This is something that will save you from last moment decisions.

Not everyone knows how to wear a wig. The beginners are often concerned about the techniques that are applied when managing the wig throughout the day.

There is no hard and fast rule. But we know beginners often get stressed when they put their steps forward to the learning journey.

Wigs make you look pretty. It not only gives your hair a new life but makes you look better and stylish. Not necessarily. Your existing hair is naturally beautiful. Hence, you need to enhance your beauty by wearing the best natural wig.

In this post, I will tell you some beginner techniques for managing your wig. Since it is your first attempt, you will need some expert tips to wear the wig properly.

Let us begin learning.

How Should Beginners Wear A Wig?

1. Measure your head

The first step to wearing a wig of your choice is to measure the head. It would help if you measured the hairline from the nape around the ears to the forehead line and back to the nape of the neck.

Most of the wigs fit the typical head size, but some women are small or have heads that are too big, so you need to make sure you get the best one.

This is the step that you can not miss out on. It is the only thing that will help you in purchasing the best fit and comfortable lace frontal wigs. If the wig does not fit properly, your head may itch, and the wig may fall out of place.

Some women also use glue to fix the hair wig. However, manufacturers do not recommend using glue for various reasons.

The right size is more important than glue. So if you find that you are losing height in your forehead hairline, use your finger to rub the area from side to side. This will lift the knot and return the volume to a sweeping back style.

2. Get wig care tools

What is the next rule? Well, it is to invest in the right wig care equipment to get the best result. This means you need tools for combing and styling the wig.

You should not use regular combs and brushes on a wig, tear the fibers and damage the wig completely. And it would help if you did not try to style your wig when it is wet, as this will stretch the fibers and damage them.

HD fiber wigs, or any synthetic wig that can be rolled or straightened by a hot tool on a low setting, have very fine fibers and is quite delicate. So, to make sure you do not cause any damage while you brush it, you will need a special toothpick that is extra wide. On the other hand, cheaper synthetic fiber wigs require a different type of wig comb, which is smaller than the extra-wide comb type. And you can also use a synthetic wire wig brush.

Most expensive human hair wigs require a specially designed brush to protect your wig. We recommend that you look for an anti-static human hairbrush as this will stop the build-up of static electricity that causes annoying loose strands.

3. Wig drying rack

Next on the beginners' list should be a wig dryer rack. It has an open frame head shape made of sturdy wire, allowing a large airflow to dry the wig completely.

For storing the wig, either overnight or for a longer period, you will need a suitable wig block that will keep the shape of the head intact and prevent hair from flattening if you just put it on the dresser or in the drawer.

4. Wig washing technique

A wig cap can create a buffer zone between the wig and the scalp, even if you have no hair. This is something that can cause oil and sweat, which is absorbed by the wig. Hence, continuous absorption can damage your wig, which means you need to take special care of your hair accessories.

Other than this, headliners are also available for people who reside or work in a hot environment. This is mainly used as a special absorbent and prevents bacteria. It is quite effective because it absorbs sweat efficiently and can be dried overnight. However, you can reuse headliners about ten times.

5. Use the best washing products

Every item needs special care because it also has a life, which can prolong if you use the right products.

Washing a wig is not a problem. But one can get into the problem if it does not invest in the right washing products. Today, effective wig washing kits are available, but you should have adequate knowledge to use them on your wig.

The brands like @Zaynting may also recommend you some of these kits because they are well-aware of their products and know which washing product can protect your wig from damages.

The best practice is to soak the wig and wash it lightly in the washing bowl containing warm water. You must also add a capful of fabric conditioner and keep it in the bowl for the next 12 minutes. When the time is up, remove the wig but make sure you do not rinse off the fabric conditioner.

Lastly, the beginners should not take the tension of what is rocket science behind the wig usage. It is really easy but needs some expert techniques to get a perfect fit on your head. Make sure you use the right wig for yourself that does not look off but enhances the beauty to a great extent. It is the best way to change your appearance without taking other's help.



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